Cosmo Spa Capsule

Cosmo spa capsule. It is one of the few devices in which treatments are performed in a sitting position. From the opinions of our clients, it appears that this is a very good solution – especially for older people or those whose physical conditions do not allow for a different nature of the procedure. Young users, on the other hand, choose COSMO especially because of its aesthetic value and comfortable position, which is more associated with relaxation than with rehabilitation. For us as owners (… and here we see one of the main advantages ..) it means a number of possibilities of placing the device, thanks to its construction. The unique COSMO function is met by porcelain, durable infrared heaters that produce so-called hot air.

1- UV lamp. 2 – infrared heaters. 3 – color therapy

It is nothing more than creating conditions resembling natural sunlight. Penetrating up to 4cm deep into the body, they warm up tired, often achingly aching muscles (a perfect treatment especially for people active in life and sport).

This treatment combined with vibration massage in the end results in a sense of lightness and healthy fatigue. Steam sauna nourishes dried and exhausted skin. It provides its water – means the main building block of man. Music therapy and Colourotherapy calms down and motivates depending on your needs and wishes. It is nice that, due to the transparency of the mobile dome, we are able not only to provide light effects to the participant, but also to the close surroundings. An optional element is the very popular aromatherapy (I recommend using water-based formulations, because AKRYL can tolerate oil substances badly). From my observations it appears that it has a significant impact on the maintenance of the capsule in clean and original color.

The capsule is also equipped with a UV lamp that performs disinfecting functions.