Vacum activ treadmill with infrared

Vacu Activ created VACU ACTIV THERMAL to fulfill all the requirements of our clients and the result of our project is a machine of the perfect quality which provides comfort, safety and perfect training. Innovative walk in infrared or vacuum with Vacu Active COMBO brings spectacular effects in body shaping and at the same time guarantees perfect form. 

THERMAL + Treadmill

The latest technology used in Vacu Activ Thermal lets it control training without the supervision of staff. Input data and let the computer adjust parameters of your training. All the information regarding the time of walk, distance, burnt calories and pulse will be displayed on the console while you can walk towards perfect body, form and vitality.

Infrared rays heat your body and dilate blood vessels. The result are increased blood flow and improved tissue oxygenation and blood supply. The skin turns red, which means that oxygen-rich blood reaches the places where it can often lacking in sufficient quantities. This process removes from the body of large amounts of toxins that remain in the deeper layers of skin. In the time of treatment infrared ray cleanse the skin and subcutaneous tissue from unnecessary toxins, resulting in firm, clear and healthy skin. 

Aromatherapy reduces cellulite, stretch marks, regenerates epidermis, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, accelerates the biological regeneration of muscles. Essential oils have different healing properties. They can act antiseptic, helps to fight viral and fungal infections, some of them show anti-inflammatory and analgesic, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation. Essential oils have particular use in cosmetics. They stimulate cellular metabolism and improve skin texture. Their work involves rejuvenating by accelerating regenerative processes. Effect of oils on the psyche is also diverse: they can work relaxing or stimulant. 

Chromotherapy helps in reducing the problems faced by every human body:
1. Energy reserves,
2. Immunity,
3. Mental wellbeing,
4. Metabolism,
5. The skin and tissue.
In these cases, we can influence by stimulating sites which are responsible for proper body functions such as energy centers (chakras), roads and energy points (meridians), and area of pulses and bodies.